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  1. IS this just another Tea Party gig? You know the ones who have already sold out and to the banks.

  2. I think if you are to do this right. We need to attack the Banks and Corperations by taking away their right of Personhood… You will most likely get more people out to these events on Sept 17th, 2011.
    This is the Main reason these Corperations are getting away with what they are, is by using rights that were not created for them.
    I am in Vancouver, B.C, Canada, and I know that these issues are Across Canada, they are in the US and the UK. They are effecting everyone , by stealing away their futures, to pay for their own Mistakes. Please dont loose sight of what has to change, not just change itself.
    I plan on making everyone I know aware of these events on Sept 17th,2011 and I hope to Start one here in B.C as well.
    Good Luck, Stand Tall, Be Heard.

    Shawn H
    Vancouver B.C

  3. This is the second FB Greek site for the 17th of September:

    The Greek Indigados-Αγανακτισμένοι started protesting again in 3rd of September, but we really need your psychological support here. We actually have a war for the freedom of speech. Police is just hitting people for nothing and ΕΥΠ (Greek Intelligence Agency) is blocking the media (mainstream and independed) from showing videos and pictures to the rest of Greece. People are just scared…
    I’m just hoping that we’ll make it till the end.

    Good luck to all of us,
    From Athens, Greece.

    Es imprescindible estimular la participación de los ciudadanos en el debate de las cuestiones de la propia sociedad. Muchos son los asuntos que afectan a la ciudadanía. Debe desarrollarse la comunicación responsable si la población española aspira en serio a una verdadera democracia de los ciudadanos.

  5. esperemos k recorten los bancos a los k gracias al pueblo sean podido , enriquecerse <<<mientras los demas cada vez somos mas pobres y ante nido la verguenza de dejar a familias sin pisos y adeudados por vida <<<< espero k para algo sirva el 17 de septiembre <<<para todos los paises y de una vez podamos ,, no tener ese miedo y k cada pais y las comunidades <<el dinero no se pierda y k lo entreguen para poder hacer todo lo mas importante k los gobiernos , prometian y nunca hicieron ,,,,solo llenar sus arcas ,,,,,,,, desde barcelona ,,,,tenes mi a pollo

  6. Do you know if in Buenos Aires some activities to join the 17th September are going to be held? could you provide me with information?? Big hug

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