You can also promote the #Antibanks global action on September 17th!

> Adding banners to your website

#Antibanks banner

Just download the header or side-bar version and add it!

…or paste the following code in your html-source:

<a href=””><img src=””></a>

#Antibanks ‘What is going to happen in your city’ banner

Download here.

Take out the Trash banner via

This is the link to download pict on low resolution:

> Print and spread

#Antibanks flyer/poster


Just download the flyer/poster, print and spread it across your area!

You can change textbox ‘what is going to happen in your city’ for you local event!

> Make designs

Send your art to contact @ , we will promote your work!

#Antibanks is global, it depends on each one of us!

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  3. I have never fully supported the methods of Anonymous. I’ve believed they had the right morals, but the right actions were never taken. I’ve found some of their “heroics” to be a tad on the wrong side of the fight for our liberties. Most of their attacks have involved the removal of privacy (which was a repeating theme of the Bush Administration, along with mindless wars and a global recession) from those who are merely caught in the crossfire.

    But, today, the movement on Wall Street is the bravest and most honorable protests I can call to memory in the last 20 years. For once, I now support Anonymous fully. I wish I could be there, but financial restrictions (also an aftereffect of war and recession) have kept me from sitting on Wall Street with fellow people of logic and reason. It makes me proud to see Anonymous helping make the voices of the people heard.

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  7. The Banks do not own the real estate Notes in the United States. They should not be foreclosing on the Properties. Look at the title documents, get a real estate attorney!

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