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Anarchist Anti-Bankster Picnic #OccupyBankOfEngland #Sept17 #London

Right people! This is our anti-banksters picnic, in solidarity with friends in NYC and elsewhere worldwide. If you don’t like the idea of it only being a picnic at the Bank then organise something else – we just started it this way to get the ball rolling. Here’s some info on why: in NYC many people will be occupying Wall St that day, also the 15M Indignados are in on the act. Indignados who under the banner ‘real democracy now’ have created a great movement in Spain, inspiring more also in Greece and Israel. Many indignados are now marching to Brussels, and plan to arrive in Paris en route to Brussels on the 17th, where there are rumoured to be plans for a demo at the Bourse. Also Madrid will be making an occupation outside the Marid Stock Exchange the same day. See http://antibanks.takethesquare.net/ for more info
And this event is also being planned to help us build up towards October 15th which has been called as a Global Day of Action. See http://www.peoplesassemblies.org/2011/06/united-for-global-change-o15/ and http://uk.ibtimes.com/articles/197863/20110815/london-riots-anonymous-hackers-call-for-october-protest-uk-government-ban-twitter-facebook-blackeber.htm Love and Solidarity…


Negli Stati Uniti stanno preparando l’occupazione di Wall Street, già sono arrivati a oltre 10.000 adesioni. Tutti gli altri Paesi, sia dell’Europa che degli altri Continenti, si stanno apprestando a fare ugualmente, per lottare contro la dittatura delle banche che ormai dettano legge su tutti i governi mondiali.
In seguito a quanto sta accadendo anche in Italia, dove la borsa è soggetta più che mai alle speculazioni di pochi, andiamo a portare la nostra protesta.
Vieni anche tu!!!