#sept17 in Paris


Today and after some months, the indignants, tak toe the squares to reinvent democracy for the future generations.

We don’t accept this financial dictatorship, we don’t acept to pay an illegitimate debt, we don’t acept to live with no future  prospects.

And you, are going to acept that for a long time?

We want an economy at the service of the people, to grant respect and dignity.

From all Europe, the citizen marches that are going to Brussels will arrive to Paris , having as goal international sensitization.

The 17th, we will welcome the marches at Cité Universitaire, and we will show our indignation all as one voice in Bastille square, for a true democracy and against financial dictatorship.

September 16th:

– 18h (Richard Lenoir) : Debate on European construction

September 17th:

– 11h : Picnic and  assembly with people from the marches (meeting point RER « Cité Universitaire »)

– 15h : March from Cité Universitaire to Bastille (going by St Michel, Hôtel de Ville…)

– 18h Peoples Assembly at Bastille

– 22h : Party and music

 September 18th:

– 14h Theatre

– 15h : Debate about the debt and austerity

– 17h Debate about resistance and political action

– 19h : Peoples assembly