September 17th EVERYWHERE!

occupy your financial district now!


Paris livestream


In the United States they are preparing to occupy Wall Street, in Spain they will demonstrate at the Stock-Market headquarters, in Greece they plan to boycott banks… What’s going to happen in your city?

Posters, banners and promotion material here.

Actions #Antibanks #Sept17 #TakeWallStreet #17Start

International Jammers!

We call on jammers across the world to occupy financial districts on September 17:

Other actions for 17th September
  • in Barcelona, Spain – Forum and Barcelona Hub International Meting. International meeting of social organizers in order to set a plan for a global rally on 15th October. (15-18th September)
  • Paris, France Marches from Greece, France, Spain, Italy, etc. will arrive to Paris and there will be a big demonstration there. Read more in Road to Brussels, The marches to Brussels and Paris Reelle Democratie
  • Italy – Marches to Rome starts. Follow it in fb.
  • Athens, Greece proposes to boicott the banks withdrawing money for 4 days, still not clear when do they start (decided on Syntagma assembly on September 5th)
  • Cambridge, UK – Workshops on the financial crisis. Flyer here.

58 thoughts on “September 17th EVERYWHERE!

  1. Zagreb(Croatia) is IN.Our fight is on the streets from february. “All for one-one for all”
    We reqest more details, please. Greetings

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  4. In paris, the second largest finacial center after the city of london, and wall street,
    we’re preparing to gather with marches from all over europe, and France.
    We have prepared for demo, and a gathering for discutions on what is the alternatives to austerity plans imposed by the banks.
    We’re expect a lot of people .

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  6. Even though Salamanca is a small city we´ll participate as well!
    We´ll create debates with experties and we´ll informe the population of some indignat facts related with the banks!

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  9. We must organize in Canada as well.
    I am looking for those interested to message me so that we can create a group to discuss coming protests for September 17th and October 15th at #OCCUPYBAYSTREET.
    If there is already such a site please let me know.

    – CD GONZO

  10. sorry but I wanna know why do we fight for that….on Saturday????
    Maybe it could be better do it on friday or monday…

  11. The protests should definitely include the ABOLISHMENT of TAX PARADISES. They are the black holes where the money disappears that belongs in the Treasury of your country and partially in your pocket!

    EN – A better solution for Greece – Close tax paradises
    ES – Una mejor solución para Grecia – Cerrar los paraísos fiscales
    IT – Una soluzione migliore per la Grecia – Chiudere i paradisi fiscali
    NL – Betere oplossing voor Griekenland – Sluit belastingparadijzen

  12. The New Social Contract is now on line ready for you to rate, comment, and amend. Don’t miss that one opportunity to influence a less than once in a millenium in depth change of Society. This will go well beyond Revolution and Fall of Empire that we heard of. It is equaled only by its nature not the Exodus from Egypt.

    Social Change is not Noisily made in the Street, but silently behind your computer screen in the comfort of your home. And above all he couldn’t care less about less the election date.


    Le Nouveau Contrat Social est maintenant sur l’Internet prêt à être noté, commenté et amendé. Ne manquez pas cette chance unique qui arrive, au plus, une fois par millénaire d’influencer un changement en profondeur de la Société. Cela ira bien au delà des Révolution et Chute d’Empire dont on a connaissance.Il est égalé pas sa nature seulement par la Sortie d’Egypte.

    Le Changement Social ne se fait pas Bruyamment dans la Rue mais en Silence derrière l’Écran de votre Ordinateur dans le comfort de votre maison. Et surtout il se fout complètement de la date des élections.


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  17. The toronto link does not work. Neither does the blog posted in the comments section. Anything working for Toronto? #OCCUPYBAYSTREET ?

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  26. Awesome blog, it’s just like a game for me! It’s so infomative and usefull, thanks a lot! If you post more of this great stuff, I’ll visit your blog again!

  27. Partisaner i alla länder, förena eder !Använd inte våld.Sociala medel och fredliga
    demonstrationer räcker.All makt skall utgå från folket, så står det i lagen.


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  30. In France seen a new company, dedicated to underbanked and others, independant from all financials institutions. Could be the beginning of a world without any banks.

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